Julius Muungano ─ Director

Julius head largerJulius Muungano is a visionary social activist recognized for making significant contributions to the coordination and organization of program implementation in the civil society sector for more than ten years, with established record in effective organization and coordination of projects, events and meetings.

Julius is co-founder and Executive Director of Promotion of Education Link Organization (PELO), a child-centered organization advocating for children's rights, including albinism, skin cancer and HIV-AIDS. PELO implements a program known as Child Care and Protection (CCP) whereby we are establishing Child Protection Ambassadors' Network which is an advocacy arm of PELO. The program components of CCP program are SSDP (Survival, Safety, Development, Participation).

A highly motivated resourceful person with a potential of joint activism on issues affecting the survival of people who belong to special groups, Julius is a self- starter with administrative, organizational, and listening skills, with proven competence in driving programs to desired outcomes. Because of his efforts, PELO is one of the key active civil actors on policy issues in Tanzania.

Julius Muungano is pleased to become an IADPO board member because:

“The position will strengthen my effort of increasing the IADPO visibility in Africa through inviting more dermatology actors to join with IADPO and also IADPO board will be a ground for availing my experience on social accountability monitoring to advance IADPO advocacy work.”