Mission & Vision

There are over two billion people living with approximately 3,000 dermatological conditions globally.

Our Vision

We envision a world where people living with dermatological diseases and skin traumas can easily access the care and treatment they need, when they need it and can live without stigmatization, persecution, or economic disadvantages due to their conditions.

Our Mission

GlobalSkin strives to improve the lives of those affected by dermatological disorders throughout the world by:

  • conducting research, including primary research with patients;
  • advocating for access to new and existing treatments, and dermatological care;
  • raising the awareness of the incidence of, and the challenges for, people living with skin diseases; and
  • supporting member nonprofit dermatology patient organizations through education, global campaigning, sharing of best-practices and beneficial networking opportunities.

Worldwide, there is a general <mis>perception that skin diseases are inconsequential, fleeting and a nuisance — rather than diseases that truly warrant attention from the medical and research communities as well as funding and support from payers and legislators. This must change.