Vision & Mission

There are over two billion people living with approximately 3,000 dermatological conditions globally.

Our Vision

IADPO’S vision is a world where people with dermatological conditions lead healthy and fulfilling lives.

Our Mission

IADPO’s mission is to lead a global movement for people living with dermatological conditions by:

  • uniting patient voices
  • empowering patient organizations
  • stimulating research
  • influencing decision makers
  • collaborating with communities of interest.

Strategic Goals

IADPO’s strategic objectives:

Objective I: Building a supported, engaged and inclusive member community.

Objective II: Raising society’s awareness and understanding of the full impact of dermatological conditions through outreach, collaboration and evidence-based advocacy.

Objective III: Building a diverse and sustainable organization, positioned for growth with varied funding streams, strong governance and best management practices.


Worldwide, there is a general <mis>perception that skin diseases are inconsequential, fleeting and a nuisance — rather than diseases that truly warrant attention from the medical and research communities as well as funding and support from payers and legislators. This must change.