Global Research on the Impact of Dermatological Diseases (GRIDD)

GRIDD is the first global patient-initiated and patient-led impact research study in dermatology. It measures the true impact of skin diseases from the patient perspective.


People living with dermatological conditions face stigma, shame and other psycho-social challenges in addition to the physical symptoms of their disease. They struggle with access to care and treatment because decision-makers perceive the relative impact of these conditions to be considerably lower than most others. One look at the Disability Adjusted Life Years (DALY) rankings of diseases and it is plain to see that dermatological conditions are not deemed to have significant impact on the two billion people living with them globally. That simply needs to change.

GRIDD Phases & Outcomes Infographic

GRIDD infographic Final 2020

Learn more about the GRIDD phases, project objectives and outcomes reading our infographic. Click here to view the full graphic.


There has been a surge of interest for injecting the patient and caregiver voice into key decisions by health authorities around the globe. Being able to present decision-makers with validated information in the language they prefer — data, which truly comes from the patients, by the patients — therefore provides the best hope for adding the full-lived impact of dermatological diseases on the whole person and their family into the ranking criteria, and ensuring that people living with dermatological conditions gain access to treatments that can improve their lives.


GRIDD aims to measure global disease burden across a wide spectrum of dermatological diseases by developing and using a new innovative measurement instrument. This instrument is derived through a novel methodology called Global Research of Impact on Patients (GRIP), where the questions themselves have been derived from and co-designed directly with patients living with dermatological diseases.

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