GlobalSkin Board of Director Elections

Thank you to all GlobalSkin members who voted in our 2018 election to elect two new Board and StaffBoard Directors. We saw 55% of members from all regions of the world vote in this election. Special thanks to the nominees who put their names forward to provide us with such a diverse slate of member candidates – both in terms of geography and disease area.*

We are pleased to announce the newly elected GlobalSkin Board Directors, whose organizations support three new disease areas that will now be specifically represented on our board:

  • Julius Muungano, Co-founder and Executive Director, Promotion of Education Link Organization (PELO) (Tanzania—Albinism & Skin Cancer)
  • Simmie Smith, President, Canadian Psoriasis Network (Canada—Psoriasis)

Our new Board of Directors will have its first meeting next month in November, as we work together to improve the lives of those affected by dermatological disorders throughout the world.

The GlobalSkin team would also like to extend sincere thanks to Bill McCue and Susan Thornton, outgoing board members who have contributed to GlobalSkin in many ways since day one, including being on both of our Executive and Membership Committees, staying engaged and committed throughout their terms.

* Slate of Candidates

                             slate of candidates