Global Research on the Impact of Dermatological Diseases (GRIDD) aims to develop, with patient organizations, a global instrument to measure the impact of living with skin diseases globally. Further, it will capture patient experiences including the extent of disease impact and burden for patients and their families.

Material and Methods

Phase 1 systematically reviews published patient-reported outcomes (PRO) measures of the life impact of skin diseases and conducts a patient-centred item identification exercise. Phase 2 focuses on instrument development: develop the wording for items (i.e. impact categories) and appropriate item scaling. Phase 3 includes the acquisition of real-world data to test the validity and acceptability of the measure. Phase 4 and 5 focus on the dissemination and launch of the new measure and an implementation strategy to increase uptake of the measure.


The research teams from the Universities of Hamburg and Cardiff started with phases 1 and 2. The systematic literature review has identified 59 generic, 23 dermatology-specific, and 149 disease-specific PROs used in dermatology research and practice. The measurement properties of the dermatology- and disease-specific measures will be identified and analyzed to ground the development of the new measure. In the meantime, patient groups in more than 40 countries are preparing the first item collection.


This novel patient-centric methodology will complement existing concepts of evaluating patient perspective in dermatology. GRIDD will provide an extended patient view for better decision making at global and country level and, better positioning of skin disease.