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SupportVitiligo (India)

SupportVitiligo scrollerMember since: February 2021

Country: India

SupportVitiligo is a volunteer-driven Vitiligo Awareness Platform & Support Network connecting Indians across the world.

Vietnam Psoriasis Network (PSORVIET)

Member since: November 2020

The Vietnam Psoriasis Network is aiming for a world without psoriasis sufferers. 

Corbetta RDC

Member since: November 2020

ADAR was established in Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Corbetta fights for skin health for those living with Albinism.

Asociación de Dermatitis Atópica Argentina (ADAR)

Member since: July 2020  

ADAR was established in September 2018 in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

The Argentine Civil Association of Atopic Dermatitis (Asociación de Dermatitis Atópica Argentina (ADAR)) is made up of patients and their relatives suffering from this disease.

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