International Dermatology Patient Organization Conference, June 11-13, 2015

Vancouver, British Columbia

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Two Conferences in One!

Join us for both IDPOC and the World Congress of Dermatology

IDPOC and the WCD

Attend the Patient leader Conference within the World Congress of Dermatology—get the best of both worlds. New disease-specific information from top dermatologists and practical solutions from your peers from around the world.


Programs & Activities

A program of sessions designed to build new competencies and linkages to build stronger more effective patient support.

Why Come?

Three days of skill-building workshops, embedded into the World Congress of Dermatology with its scientific sessions, dedicated to helping patient organization leaders reach and serve our patients better.


Stunning Vancouver and British Columbia

Breathtakingly, naturally beautiful—experience it! Our conference location, the Fairmont Waterfront, is on Vancouver's dynamic harbour front.

Breathtaking Vancouver

Join us for planned excursions and adventures—or explore beautiful BC on your own. Naturally beautiful. Come and discover yourself here.


Become a Sponsor of IDPOC 2015

A highly visible way to show everyone your commitment to patients.

Patient-Centric Sponsorship

Companies that have patients at the heart of everything they do have an opportunity to make that commitment visible to everyone attending the World Congress.


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Contact Us

IDPOC 2015 Event Coordinator
c/o Canadian Skin Patient Alliance
Suite 383, 136-2446 Bank Street,
Ottawa, Ontario, K1V 1A8
Phone: 613-440-4260
Toll Free: (in Canada)-877-505-CSPA (2772)
Fax: 1-877-294-1525

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