Board President's letter - September 2019


GS Milan 3391

Dear IADPO Members:

As Board President of the International Alliance of Dermatology Patient Organizations (IADPO - also known as GlobalSkin), I wish to welcome all of our members to our fall 2019 Newsletter.

Our patient organization community continues to grow and gain momentum at an ever-increasing speed. Our membership now stands at 156 Members located in 50 countries and representing over 60 dermatological disease areas!  

We welcome our newest member organizations and invite those reading this newsletter who are not yet members of IADPO to join our unique global alliance of patient organizations who work to improve the lives of dermatology patients worldwide. Our organization has seen a 71% increase in membership in just one year and we encourage you to join us!  Learn more about our (no fee) membership.

As fall approaches, all IADPO member representatives are invited to our upcoming online Annual General Meeting on September 26th at
3 p.m. EST
. Please register to attend. Our participants will hear about our achievements over the past year and the upcoming initiatives for the year ahead. Members will also vote on several important motions.

In addition to our Annual General Meeting, I would also like to remind members about the upcoming Board of Directors Election.  The election takes place online, September 26 through October 3, 2019 and the slate of candidates will be announced on September 17. As a result of our special members’ vote at the GlobalSkin 2019 Conference in Milan, the IADPO Board of Directors is expanding from six to nine Director positions.  It is very important that each of our member groups cast their vote in this year’s election to support our growing Board as it advances the development of the organization and our mission. 

Thank you for being part of our growing movement! 

Yours truly, 

Jean-Marie Meurant

Board President, IADPO