GRIDD Resources & Publications 

What exactly is GRIDD? How does it all fit together to give us a credible and believable voice for our Members and their dermatology patients? Get the answers to these questions by exploring the following GRIDD resources:

GRIDD Phase 3 - Delphi ToolKit

Targeted messaging (e-mail invites, etc.) and social media blogs (Twitter, FB etc.) for patient organizations to help promote the Delphi to their members.(Available in 6 languages).


Phase 3, the Patient Data Verification Delphi

Watch this information session to learn more about what you can expect from Phase 3, the Patient Data Verification Delphi (the Delphi).

Phases & Outcomes Infographic

A graphic showing the GRIDD timeline, objectives, outcomes and benefits.


Click the image to enlarge and download.

What Is The GRIDD Project?

Learn about the GRIDD Project in this short 3 minute introductory video. 

Patient Pictograph

A graphic showing the potential benefits GRIDD will produce for dermatology patients (and their caregivers).


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GRIDD Posters & Abstracts

Abstracts and posters accepted at past conferences and events.

Pediatric Dermatology Research Alliance (PeDRA) | October 22-23, 2020

YouTube – GRIDD Presentations

Various GRIDD presentations from past conferences and events.

GRIDD Webinars

Watch our latest Webinar for GlobalSkin Members (linked at the top of the page) as a lead up to the Phase 3 - Patient Data Verification Delphi.  Members watch your emails for information on this upcoming event.

GRIDD webinars are planned for Phase 4, 2021, and will cover a range of topics including the outcomes of the previous three Phases and how to leverage the data that will be produced from PRIDD (Patient Reported Impacts of Dermatological Diseases) measurement tool that will be launching worldwide in late 2021.