GlobalSkin Communities

GlobalSkin is actively working to establish a broad global alliance of patient organizations representing as many diseases and countries as possible. At the same time, we have also identified the need to establish several patient organization communities representing specific diseases and regions.

GlobalSkin’s communities include:

Atopic Eczema

GlobalSkin is actively working with patient organizations that support atopic eczema patients worldwide. Following a successful Atopic Eczema Forum in June 2019, the Atopic Eczema Community Advisory Committee was formed and together with IADPO leadership and the broad Atopic Eczema Community has recently finalized a Three-Year Community Strategic Plan.

Projects include the launch of, World Atopic Eczema Day and the release of a co-sponsored report on atopic dermatitis with the Economist Intelligence Unit. The lessons we are learning from this community building will be very helpful as we begin to build more disease- and region-specific communities.

Learn more about our Atopic Eczema Community initiatives here.


GlobalSkin is working with the rare/uncommon dermatological diseases community to significantly and measurably improve linkages for patient organization leaders; build capacity and coordination of a synchronized strategic approach to improve access to care; stimulate critical research; disseminate critical information, and improve treatment options for patients living with rare or uncommon diseases.

Following a successful 2019 RareDERM Forum in Milan, Italy the RareDERM Community Advisory Committee was formed and together with the support of IADPO leadership and the wider RareDERM Community the Three-Year Community Strategy was developed.  

Learn more about our RareDERM Community here. 

European Region

GlobalSkin hosted a European Patient Organizations Community meeting in September 2018 in Paris bringing together patient leaders from across Europe to discuss challenges and opportunities currently faced in this region. As 40% of GlobalSkin Members are located in Europe, the objective was to have an open discussion on where opportunities exist to improve advocacy for skin patients in Europe. We invite all European patient organizations to connect with GlobalSkin as we continue to build support programs for our European Member Organizations.


If your patient organization is interested in getting involved with this important work and connecting with others in your disease-specific or regional space, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..