Atopic Eczema Forum

Atopic Eczema Forum
June 5-6 in Milan

This two-day event that will bring together patient leaders from around the world who serve people living with Atopic Eczema.

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Overview: This two-day Atopic Eczema Forum will focus on building capacity amongst patient organization leaders through educational sessions on emerging eczema research, the potential of various advocacy tools and approaches, and the development of key messages. On the second day of the forum, participants will come together to share challenges, identify gaps in skills and resources, and chart a strategic roadmap to guide the atopic eczema community’s path forward over the next year.

Vision: To build a global community around atopic eczema by strengthening the atopic eczema community’s collective advocacy efforts and consolidating patient voices around a set of prioritized policy issues.

Forum Objectives:
  • Enhance participants’ understanding of the systemic nature of atopic eczema, and its correlation with a number of co-morbidities
  • Equip attendees to understand the value of common messaging and shared resources
  • Afford participants the opportunity to learn from the experiences of other atopic eczema patient organizations
  • Identify policy, advocacy, skillset, and resource gaps that may be hindering atopic eczema advocacy and awareness efforts
  • Build and enhance advocacy skills amongst patient leaders, and enhance capacity to aid in-country, regional and global mobilization

1. Approximately 30 patient organization leaders who serving people living Atopic Eczema – One delegate per Member Organization
2. Invited guests




DAY 1: 5 JUNE 2019



Welcome and Introduction

Introduction of participants and meetings’ objectives




Atopic Eczema Today

  • Global awareness and activities on eczema today: what’s the status? Landscape scan of organizations and other actors currently engaged on the topic of atopic eczema, and an overview of the World Health Organization’s evolving interest in dermatological conditions
  • Introducing 2019’s World Atopic Eczema Day campaign plans
  • Overview of the Harmonized Outcomes Measures for Eczema Initiative
  • Review of previous GlobalSkin dialogues on atopic eczema (i.e. Paris dialogue, roundtable position paper)


Coffee and Tea Break



Scientific Presentations

  • TBC treatment options Comorbidities


Networking Lunch



Patient Engagement

  • Small Group Activity: defining patient organization goals and what we want to achieve
  • Mobilizing your community
  • Tactics for effective patient outreach


Stakeholder Communications

  • Utilizing the right tools for approaching the right stakeholders
  • Examples of successful media and social media campaigns in other disease areas; illustrating the impact of coordinated communications efforts 


Coffee and Tea Break


Key Message Development

  • The benefits of global messaging alignment in advancing advocacy efforts
  • Anatomy of a persuasive key message
  • Imperatives for building a cohesive key message campaign


Bright Spots in Building Community: Participant presentations on successful initiatives in community outreach and mobilization

18:00 – 19:30

Networking Dinner

DAY 2: 6 JUNE 2019



Welcome and Recap from Day 1


Internal Roadblocks & Gaps: Group discussion on local challenges in running an effective patient organization.

  • What is a particularly thorny challenge that your organization is struggling with in terms of advancing patient outreach efforts?
  • Within your organization or network, do you see gaps in communication skills? Resources? Tactical tools?

10:15 – 10:45

Update on External Resource & Policy Gaps in Managing Atopic Eczema:

  • How, if at all, do you feel the policy gaps, or clinical guideline gaps have changed since we last came together as a group?
  • New resource gaps?
  • New care gaps?


Coffee and Tea Break


Group Brainstorming: Building a global eczema movement

  • Defining advocacy ambitions: what do we collectively want to accomplish?
  • Can we prioritize the resource and care gaps that we’ve identified?
  • What stakeholders are key to influence and enable change?
  • How can we best work together?

Charting a Path Forward

  • Identifying next steps
  • Defining strategic planning key milestones
  • Establishing a Strategic Planning Working Group


Networking Lunch


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