Atopic Documentary & Digital Advocacy

Skin: Our Barrier To The World

The GlobalSkin Atopic Eczema Community took on a significant project this year. We have produced a 10-minute documentary about the Burden of Atopic Eczema as told by six patients living with the condition – each from different regions of the world.. Hear stories from people in the United States, New Zealand, Colombia, Slovenia, Kenya, and Hong Kong SAR, China as they discuss the burdens that Atopic Eczema presents in their daily lives.

Watch the full documentary now

Watch the Special Film Premiere Event of the documentary, followed with a hosted interactive panel discussion featuring participants, patient leaders and the film makers who all shared their perspectives on the documentary and what it meant for them to be involved. 

Atopic Eczema

Atopic eczema is one of the most prevalent skin diseases in the world and also one of the most underrecognized. According to the WHO Global Burden of Diseases initiative, more than “230 million people globally” are affected by atopic eczema.  And numbers are rising.

Atopic eczema has until recently been classified as a “Western disease,” one that is only pervasive in countries with higher incomes and Western lifestyles. However, various studies conducted over the past 10-20 years have shown that rates of atopic eczema are just as prevalent in low-and-medium income countries (LMICs) as in high-income countries (HICs). Results have shown that this slow-to-shift bias against LMICs has detrimental effects: too many patients and caregivers do not have access to basic services in primary care and have to pay out-of-pocket for basic treatment prescribed by a medical professional. Atopic eczema is a disease of global concern.

Together, we must all strive for atopic eczema to receive the healthcare prioritization that it truly deserves. It’s important that the patient voice be heard and understood.

Digital Advocacy Toolkit

So much has changed in the past few years, and many organizations around the world are beginning to realize the importance of integrating digital advocacy campaigns into existing advocacy programs. When they do so, many are seeing better and faster results. But what is digital advocacy? A digital advocacy campaign leverages current and relevant online platforms to engage the public around an issue and a common goal and to influence the actions of decision-makers.



For Policy Makers

GlobalSkin’s 3-point call to policymakers to improve the lives of those with atopic eczema. Policymakers are keen consumers of evidence-based information. Their feedback and advice can improve the potential for a significant impact on your dermatological community. Share this statistic-filled summary with policymakers in your region.



#ShareTheBurden Toolkit

Since the release of our online documentary about the burdens that come with an Atopic Eczema diagnosis Skin: Our Barrier to the World, it has been shared with focused groups of people around the world. The feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. We know we can keep this momentum going, and share this documentary even more widely to maximize its impact. To do this, we are launching the #ShareTheBurden campaign beginning September 1, 2023.