Member Impact Fund - Vitamigos


Vitiligo Support and Research Group - Vitamigos is located in Cuba and supports patients and families affected by Vitiligo in the region. 

Impact Fund Project

With the help of the GlobalSkin Member Impact Fund, we were able to develop and hold an in-person social-academic event called "The Psycho-Social Impacts of the Covid 19 On the Life Quality of Patients Living with Vitiligo and Psoriasis."

This event was the third in the Workshop Series where patients together with families, specialists, medical students, community leaders, and the general public had the chance to socialize and exchange experiences with one another, providing support for each other.

The Impact Fund is important to our organization, because it has helped us to develop events that gather our group members with specialists and other people from the community. The Funds allows us to keep advocacy, research, and community work going.  


 The Biggest Success of the Project in Our Patient Community

The biggest success was to reunite our group members in a person-to-person event after a devastating period of the pandemic. 


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