Member Impact Fund - Canadian Skin Patient Alliance


Canadian Skin Patient Alliance works with Canadian skin patients to promote skin health and improve quality of life. We hope that you find some useful resources on our site and we welcome your feedback.

Impact Fund Project

People living with skin disorders in Canada experience potentially significant mental health impacts related to their conditions. This is related in many ways to how patients feel about their appearance, stigmatization, avoiding social interaction, and isolation. This worsened with isolation during the COVID-19 pandemic. CSPA raised awareness about the mental health impacts of skin conditions by producing video resources for skin patients by a registered clinical psychologist about how to deal with the mental health impacts of chronic skin diseases. The goal was to support skin patients’ experiences, help them articulate their own mental health needs, and provide resources.

The Member Impact Fund is a critical acknowledgment of the support of the global skin patient community for work that we are doing in different places throughout the world. It also provides a unique opportunity for the CSPA to act as a leader in our peer community and share with them how we approach issues in Canada.

The Biggest Success of the Project in Our Patient Community

This project offered actual tangible information about how to address certain issues faced by skin patients while supporting their mental health. This is the third year of our annual campaign but the first year that we provided mental health resources directly to our community.

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