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GlobalSkin is a truly global alliance of not-for-profit patient organizations that serve people living with dermatological conditions or skin traumas. We represent 72 countries and 58 skin disease areas worldwide – and growing.  

GlobalSkin envisions a world in which people living with dermatological diseases and skin traumas can easily access the care and treatment they need, when they need it, and can live without stigmatization, persecution, or economic disadvantages due to their conditions.

Benefits of Joining The GlobalSkin Movement



Who Can Join?

Membership in GlobalSkin is open to not-for-profit patient groups that work to improve the lives of people living with skin, hair, or nail conditions and, are run by and for these patients. These can be regional, national, or umbrella groups that themselves are alliances of organizations or social media/support groups. Membership categories and criteria can be found here:

Full Members

Full Membership in the International Alliance of Dermatology Patient Organizations (also known as GlobalSkin), is open to skin patient groups that are established as a legal nonprofit entity, to serve people living with dermatological conditions or skin traumas. These can be groups that support skin patients in a national, regional, or international arena or can be umbrella skin patient groups that are themselves alliances of other organizations. 

Full Members are invited to participate in GlobalSkin events and activities and enjoy the following rights and privileges:

  • To receive an invitation to attend the AGM, as voting participants, at least fourteen days in advance of the meeting;
  • To attend the AGM, virtually via teleconference or in person, at their own expense;
  • To be invited to participate in the resource-sharing components of the AGM;
  • To participate in Board of Directors elections by voting for Board Director candidates;
  • To receive copies of official GlobalSkin publications; and
  • To be listed on the GlobalSkin website and in its literature.

What To Expect When Joining

  • Take part in this movement for change! Connect with us and our like-minded member groups to help change the way dermatological diseases and skin traumas are perceived and treated at home and around the world – create a bigger impact.

  • Inform groundbreaking research on the true impact of living with your skin condition. The results of this research will be used to educate and influence local and global decision-makers.

  • Benefit from the shared wisdom and experience of all our member groups through events, conferences, webinars, and shared online resources and tools.

  • Influence global healthcare policies affecting dermatology through GlobalSkin’s connections with the WHO and the United Nations, as well as accessing other influential actors within health and human rights.

  • Speak with a bigger voice to represent the needs of people who are living with skin disease everywhere. 

  • Bring the needs of skin patients you serve to the global level to advocate for change to improve the lives of dermatology patients globally. 

Getting Involved

To become a GlobalSkinn Member, please complete our online application form. We look forward to learning  how you support skin patients in your region. Click the button below to get started.