Patient Expert Scholarship

  • Wanted to be part of the medical research process and didn’t know how to get involved?
  • Wondered why it takes so long to develop a drug for your disease?
  • Had a conversation with a health official that felt like you were not talking about the same thing?
  • Been dismissed because you are a “patient” not an “expert”?

In partnership with EUPATI, GlobalSkin has been supporting a learning opportunity that can address all these questions. The EUPATI Patient Expert Training Program is an educational experience that provides knowledge and understanding of the medicine research and clinical trial development. Besides an in-depth look at the R&D process, the training also describes how patients can be involved within each stage.  

The Patient Expert Scholarship provides financial support to expand your knowledge and understanding of medicine research and clinical trials development as a patient leader. This includes financial support for the completion of all online components and courses, and a stipend for travel and accommodation for an in-person graduation event. 

Completion of this program leads to more opportunities to effectively engage in meaningful discussion with health officials, take part in research and raise awareness about the importance of serious dermatological diseases and their enormous impact on daily life. 


The programme is offered by the European Patients’ Academy on Therapeutic Innovation (EUPATI), which is an independent non-profit foundation from the Netherlands. The Patient Expert Training Programme is a blended training in which participants take 6 online modules (containing 27 courses in total) and attend 2 face-to-face events (1 virtual and 1 in-person). Completing the full programme usually takes 12-14 months and comes with the title of EUPATI Fellow upon graduation.

While the courses and modules can be taken in any order, learners need to have completed the modules Getting Started, Introduction to Medicines R&D, Non-Clinical Development, Clinical Development before the 1st training event and Regulatory Affairs and Health Technology Assessment (HTA) before the 2nd event.

  1. Getting Started (1 course, free of cost)
  1. Introduction to Medicines R&D (6 courses)
  1. Non-Clinical Development (3 courses) Clinical Development (7 courses)
  1. 1st training event (4 days, online)
  1. Regulatory Affairs (5 courses)
  1. Health Technology Assessment (HTA) (5 courses)
  1. 2nd training event and graduation (4 days, in-person)
Impact of the EUPATI Patient Expert Training Programme

Graduates of the EUPATI Patient Expert Programme are also known as EUPATI Fellows. The title certifies the knowledge gained and will give participants the opportunity to be recognized as expert patients. EUPATI Fellow is a widely well-known label within the patient engagement landscape. EUPATI fellows are highly sought-after partners by different stakeholders.

After graduating from the program, Alumni are engaged in advisory roles, act as trainers, are involved in health policy advocacy, speak at conferences, review clinical trial protocols, and much more!  

Read GlobalSkin Patient Expert Scholarship recipients’ testimonials from past years. 


Managing Director of Eczema Support Australia Melanie Funk (appearing at 0:23) was part of the EUPATI PETP 2023 cohort AND shares her views on the program


GlobalSkin believes in the power of informed, educated, and empowered patient leaders and wants to financially support this learning opportunity. The Patient Expert Scholarship will cover the following:

  • Registration fee for the EUPATI Patient Expert Training Program
  • Fees to cover accessing the assessments and certificates within the online Open Classroom platform
  • Catering fee for the in-person graduation event
  • Stipend for travel and accommodation to attend an in-person graduation event next year in Europe

Through the Patient Expert Scholarship, accepted recipients will also have exclusive access to a GlobalSkin Learner Cohort connected through quarterly meetings and a private WhatsApp Group.

Every year, the Patient Expert Scholarship opens in July. If you are interested in benefiting from the Patient Expert Scholarship, you will need to submit an application for consideration.

After the selection process, if your application is approved, our Member Services Manager will connect you with the EUPATI coordinator who will facilitate your enrollment.  

Please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., Member Services Manager with any questions.