Associate Members

The Board will, from time to time, approve non-voting Associate Members of the International Alliance of Dermatology Patient Organizations. These Members are patient-led bodies that are either in the process of becoming non-profit organizations or are online communities that do not generate revenue from their work with patients.

Recognized Associate Members of GlobalSkin shall include:

  • Organizations, groups or distinct communities that have expressed an interest in being involved with the work and objects of GlobalSkin;
  • Organizations that do not yet meet the eligibility criteria for Full Membership but are either in the process of meeting the requirements to become a Full Members of GlobalSkin or operate solely as an online community that does not generate revenue. Examples: an organization that has not yet incorporated in its country of origin or a Facebook, Yahoo, etc. group focused on supporting patients living with a particular skin disease.

Rights and privileges of Associate Members

Associate Members are invited to participate in GlobalSkin events and activities and enjoy the following rights:

  • To receive an invitation to attend the AGM, as non-voting participants, at least fourteen days in advance of the meeting;
  • To attend the AGM, virtually via teleconference or in person, at their own expense;
  • To be invited to participate in the resource-sharing components of the AGM;
  • To receive copies of official GlobalSkin publications; and
  • To be listed on the GlobalSkin website and in its literature.