GlobalSkin's European Community

GlobalSkin-Europe supportGlobalSkin Member organizations located in this region in meaningful ways, like building organizational capacity, supporting with member recruitment, and advancing advocacy goals.  

An opportunity exists to draw together the efforts of our European Members and to unite our voices in pursuit of a common goal, of getting medical dermatology on the European policy agenda.

In order to pursue the strategic goals of the European Members, this Community will be guided by a four-dimensioned approach of community building: Identify, Engage, Empower, Mobilise.  

  • Identify existing and potential patient organisations operating inEurope. Identifying skills, knowledge and resources among them. Identifying key issues as a basis for an aligned advocacy platform;  

  • Engage key actors, including patient organisations, decision-makers, and other stakeholders in dialogue and advocacy activities;
  • Empower patient organisations via various capacity-building initiatives; 

  • Mobilisethe Community by collecting or creating resources for advocacy, networking, andcoordinating communications activities. 

This strategic approach must allow patient communities to organise their activities in a larger scale and in a more coordinated manner. Moreover, patient organisations would be reinforced in terms of capacity and European advocacy. 

Member Needs Analysis 

GlobalSkin-Europe Member Needs Analysis was undertaken by reaching out to each European  MemberThis process captured information about patient organization goals, challenges, and growth opportunities. The report was finalized and shared with European patient leaders in January 2021.  

Envisioning GlobalSkin-Europe's Future—Patient Leader Forum 

In 2021, GlobalSkin brought together European dermatology patient leaders for roundtable discussions in January and March. The Members Needs Analysis Report was used to lay the groundwork for the patient leader meetings.  These facilitated events also contributed to capturing patient organization needs and priorities and started the dialogue about the creation of a roadmap in this new region-specific, dermatology patient organization Community. 

Following these events, a Patient Leader Advisory Committee is being established to help guide the development of a GlobalSkin-Europe three-year strategy.

GlobalSkin is grateful to all European Members for their thoughtful contributions and collaborations.

GlobalSkin-Europe Liaison

Please direct any questions about GlobalSkin-Europeto Yalchin Mammadov


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