World Skin Health Coalition Activities

Several common themes emerged from the Coalition's consultative and multidisciplinary sessions, that dermatological diseases are not well-understood, and their impacts are underestimated, resulting in:

  • Underserved and stigmatized patients
  • Research being under-prioritized and under-funded
  • Relatively poor specialist access for dermatological care and treatment

These are the driving forces behind the 2023-2027 five year strategic plan of the World Skin Health Coalition in order to change perceptions about the often-severe impacts of skin diseases and conditions and to elevate the prioritization of dermatological disease and conditions in health policy both at global and national levels.

Activities of the Coalition fall into three main objectives:  Raise Awareness, Mobilize and Advocate. 


Raising Awareness

In 2024, the Coalition will launch a worldwide campaign to bring global awareness to the skin diseases and conditions millions of people around the world are facing every day. In preparation for the campaign, the Coalition is gathering information that will inform the impactful messages. 

A dedicated micro-site will house an open letter to policy makers and invite signatories from around the world.  Patient stories will be shared to support the ulitimate goal of rasing awareness around the burden of skin conditions on people living with them along with their caregivers. 



Together the Coalition will take joint action to influence the health policy ecosystem and break down barriers to the policy prioritisation of dermatological diseases/conditions.

Formed in 2023, the Advocacy Working Group has representatives from each of the Coalition’s constituent groups, all with strong patient advocacy experience and helps to develop the WSHC’s advocacy initiatives for all Partners to action with a unified voice.

Advocating for Change

Together they will form on plan of action towards the Coalition’s ultimate gaol of securing a WHO resolution to make dermatological diseases and conditions a global health priority.