World Skin Health Coalition's #NotJustMySkin Campaign

Skin diseases transcend mere surface appearances for millions globally. They embody a journey riddled with obstacles: the burdensome quest for timely diagnosis, the fight for accessible, suitable, and affordable care, and the ongoing battle against the hidden yet significantly impactful toll on mental well-being. World Skin Health Coalition's awareness campaign "Not Just My Skin" which runs March 11 - April 19, 2024, aims to bring frequently overlooked physical and psychosocial impacts of living with skin diseases to the attention of global healthcare policymakers.


GlobalSkin's Role As a Coalition Partner

As a partner in the World Skin Health Coalition, GlobalSkin is actively promoting the #NotJustMySkin campaign, to raise awareness about the impact of skin conditions and urge health policy leaders across the globe to prioritize these crucial matters. However, our efforts are incomplete without your support. We are calling on our global alliance of dermatology patient organizations to help us reach policymakers worldwide. By joining forces with us, you become an essential catalyst for driving policy reform and enhancing access to quality care and treatment options for individuals affected by skin conditions.

How You Can Get Involved


When you sign our open letter, you're not merely endorsing a cause; you're championing a future where skin health is rightfully valued. It's about ensuring that every person facing a skin condition is treated with the care, respect, and attention they merit. Your signature serves as your voice, amplifying the call for global health policy reform. It represents a stance against marginalization and a stride towards prioritization.

We strongly encourage you to promote the awareness campaign within your patient network by leveraging the comprehensive campaign toolkit. This toolkit includes an array of resources such as social media cards, website content, email materials, printable assets, and more. By utilizing these tools, you as a patient organization can effectively disseminate vital campaign information, engage your communities, and amplify the campaign's message across various platforms.

Through shared voices and experiences, we can effectively communicate the urgency of prioritizing skin health concerns and ensure that the needs of dermatology patients are recognized, valued, and addressed at all levels of healthcare policymaking. Let us harness the power of our collective voice to effect positive change and improve the lives of millions of patients suffering from skin conditions worldwide.