Jitske Kramer - GlobalSkin 2019 Keynote Speaker

Jitske Kramer 11 003

Jitske Kramer, Corporate Anthropologist, believes in a world that is safe for diversity. She is committed to helping leaders and organizations create environments with the right rhythm of power and love.

Jitske is an expert in the fields of diversity, international teamwork and corporate culture. As a trained ethnographer, she did research in Botswana, Uganda before becoming an organizational consultant. Jitske is dedicated to cracking the code to powerful leadership, while teaching and championing inclusive decision-making processes. It is her desire to fix human fragmentation by (re)connecting people through their differences. She seeks to build strong tribes, safe for diversity and ready for change.

A highly sought after speaker who energizes audiences to really make an impact, Jitske is co-founder and director of the Culture Academy. In 2013 she received the “Trainer of the Year” award from the Association of Dutch Training Professionals (NOBTRA). She is the best-selling author of Deep Democracy (Dutch), Managing Cultural Dynamics and Wow! What a Difference, and is co-author of The Corporate Tribe (Dutch Management Book of the Year 2016).