Corbetta RDC

Member since: November 2020

Country: Democratic Republic of the Congo

Corbetta fights for skin health for those living with Albinism. They are currently working on the following initiatives:

  • Available health and medical tools and infrastructure for the specific treatment of people living with albinism in the DRC 

  • Campaign for the free distribution of sunscreens, and -Sensitization and health education sessions against skin cancer in people living with albinism
  • Consultations and free treatment of precancerous lesions and skin cancer in people living with albinism in the DRC 

  • Organize research on skin cancer in people living with albinism

Meet the Member Corbetta

Get to know more about Corbetta RDC below!  

Thank you to Dr. Inena Gaylord for sharing his stories, insights, and the work of the organization. 

What would you like me to know about your organization?  

  • Corbetta was created in 2013 to serve Albinism patients who are fighting against skin cancer. In the Congo, we are by the equator and the sun is very intense – 90% of Albinism patients are dying from skin cancer. Corbetta is giving members free information and resources on how to prevent skin cancer to them and their parents. We are also providing free treatment to Albinism patients. 

What do you consider to be your organization’s biggest accomplishment and success? 

  • Our biggest developed program, is about skin cancer. We are preventing it, giving information to patients. We don’t have sunscreen in the Congo, and every three months we provide and distribute bottles of sunscreen to Albinism patients. We have other skin doctors and professors who also work together to provide free treatments to them".

What are the biggest challenges that Albinism patients face?  

  • People in Africa do not have good knowledge on what is Albinism. In some parts, people are being killed because there is the wrong understanding that they have special powers, etc. Albinism patients also experience vision problems, so we are going to schools to support students and teaching their classmates and teachers to better understand them 

    There are also problems with parents abandoning the children. We then have lawyers assist with the family problems and family therapy. 

What is the best piece of advice you have for skin patient organization leaders? 

  • The major one is that you need to be called, this needs to be a vocation, and you must do it without interest. I want to advise people that you need to give a part of your life to the vulnerable and trust that God and others will help you along the way.  

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