GRIDD Delphi Update - February 18, 2021

The GRIDD Phase 3 Delphi Survey #1 is now CLOSED!  A BIG THANKS to you – our Members who made it possible for us to reach 1069 dermatology patients worldwide. This is the largest number of respondents in any survey for GlobalSkin and we are thrilled with the outcome. Week after week our analytics showed our Members as the #1 recruiters and we hit over 90 different disease types. Dr./Prof. Matthias Augustin (Hamburg University) and Prof. Chris Bundy (Cardiff University) are very happy with these results. 

So, what’s next?  

The researchers will now analyze the data from Delphi Survey #1 using a standard assessment rubric and identify the questions and statements that either need editing, removing or refining. They will then create Survey #2 as a shorter more concise version of Survey #1. Survey #2, expected to be launched in early March, will be shared with only those who completed Survey #1. This Delphi truly relies on you and your patient community to be the experts in determining what matters most when measuring patient impacts. 

Once the Delphi Survey #2 closes in April the researchers will once again comb through the data and leverage the findings for Phase 4 and the design of PRIDD – Patient Report Impact of Dermatological Diseases – measurement tool (or measure). PRIDD will be an improved version of the Delphi Surveys and is expected to launch globally in late 2022 following extensive psychometric testing.