Full Members

Full Membership in the International Alliance of Dermatology Patient Organizations (IADPO) aka GlobalSkin, is open to skin patient groups that are established as a legal nonprofit entity, to serve people living with dermatological conditions or skin traumas. These can be groups that support skin patients in a national, regional, or international arena or can be umbrella skin patient groups that are themselves alliances of other organizations. 

Full Members are invited to participate in GlobalSkin events and activities and enjoy the following rights and privileges:

  • To receive an invitation to attend the AGM, as voting participants, at least fourteen days in advance of the meeting;
  • To attend the AGM, virtually via teleconference or in person, at their own expense;
  • To be invited to participate in the resource-sharing components of the AGM;
  • To participate in Board of Directors elections by voting for Board Director candidates;
  • To receive copies of official GlobalSkin publications; and
  • To be listed on the GlobalSkin website and in its literature.