Atopic Eczema Community

Who: Atopic dermatitis (AD), also called atopic eczema, is a common chronic or recurrent inflammatory skin disease and affects 15-20% of children and 1-3% of adults worldwide.  Patient organizations that serve people living with Atopic Eczema, provide essential services, support, access to information, opportunities to link with other patients and speak up for access to care and treatment. This is a disease where patient organizations are currently under-resourced and not well connected to each other. 

What: GlobalSkin began working with this global community of leaders to significantly and measurably improve capacity building and coordination of a synchronized strategic approach to improve access to care, critical information, and treatment options for patients. 

Atopic Eczema Treatment Care Guidelines: A Global Examination

During an Atopic Eczema Community workshop in 2022, it became clear that this community feels strongly about the need for better treatment and care for everyone living with atopic eczema, regardless of where they live. Based on the Community’s recommendation, GlobalSkin decided to investigate the possibility of a global standard of treatment care guidelines. This initiative seeks to understand 1) if it is possible to create a global standard of care and 2) could current treatment guidelines be adapted in other regions.

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Summary of the development of this project including ideation, goals, methodologies and key players. 

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A comprehensive audit aiming to understand the strengths, weaknesses and gaps of current treatment guidelines for atopic eczema across different geographies.

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Knowledge experts discussed potential opportunities for creating better guidelines, the adoption of existing guidelines and how to best ensure that people living with atopic eczema attain better outcomes from their care.

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Get Involved! Now is your opportunity to share your ideas, knowledge and expertise by joining the new Community of Practice focused on building productive and collaborative working relationships with HCPs.


Atopic Eczema Forum 2023

GlobalSkin hosted our third Atopic Eczema Forum on June 1 in Brussels, preceding the ELEVATE 2023 Conference. The forum gathered 28 Members from 20 countries for a day of learning and connection. Members began the day gaining insight about their colleagues’ success stories with presentations from Global Parents for Eczema Research, Cronicos do Dia a Dia, Allergy and Asthma Network, Israeli Association for Atopic Dermatitis and the Eczema Society of Canada. The topics of these presentations included survey findings on Topical Steroid Withdrawal, Atopic Eczema Day in Brazil and Patient-Centred Care in Israel. The morning continued with Dr. Yael Leshem and an introduction to the Harmonising Outcome Measure in Eczema (HOME) project outlining the possibilities of better measurement of disease for patients with atopic eczema. The morning presentations can be found on the GlobalSkin website in the Members Only section.

The afternoon of the forum was led by Professor Chris Bundy and Rach Hewitt providing a workshop on Shared-Decision Making between doctors and patients with the support of patient organizations.

Presentations from the Forum can be found by visitng the Members Only Area and loging into your profile. 

Community Resources

World Atopic Eczema Day

World Atopic Eczema Day, an awareness day for atopic eczema, was launched by GlobalSkin and the global atopic eczema patient community in 2018.

Year over year, this awareness campaign has grown and brought to light to the many different aspects of this skin disease.

To learn more about past campaigns, read the reports below:

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Atopic Eczema Advisory Committee

Vanessa Jenkins - Eczema Association of New Zealand Inc., New Zealand 

Angelika Thew - Eczema Association of Australasia Inc., Australia

Sabrina Ribau - Canadian Skin Patient Alliance, Canada

Spela Novak - Drustvo Atopijski Dermatitis, Slovenia

Kelly Barta - Coalition for Skin Diseases, USA

Rachel Ogola - Eczema Society of Kenya, Kenya

Tina Mesaric - Atopika, Slovenia

Wendy Smith Begolka - National Eczema Assc., USA

Melanie Funk - Eczema Support Australia, Australia

Thank you to our Partners: