RareDERM Community – The Myositis Association

The Myositis Association is excited to share the outcome from our extremely successful Myositis Awareness Month.

The Myositis Association kicked off this year's Myositis Awareness Month with our Inaugural Myositis Virtual Summit. The Myositis Association LogoThis summit included 9 sessions with 12 speakers, 12 exhibitors over 575 attendees and representation from 18 countries from around the globe. The Myositis Association hosted 3 webinars with nearly 7000 views, a Twitter Chat hosted by Dr. Rohit Aggarwal and participation by 6 organizational partners and launched The Myositis Association's My Myositis Tracker. The Myositis Association also hosted 11 Kit Support Group Meetings reaching 99 care partners and 31 care partners.

In addition, The Myositis Association announced that recipients of The Myositis Association's Innovative Research Grant, Professor Ian Hampson, Dr. Janine Lamb, and Dr. Spyridon Megremis at the University of Manchester developed a novel approach to identify the targets of antibodies produced by the immune system in myositis patients. The results of this novel approach could prove useful in the fight against COVID-19. The Myositis Association issued a press release on this which resulted in over 89 million views and 139 media pick-ups.

Even though Myositis Awareness Month is over, there are still plenty of opportunities to raise awareness in your community. For tips and tricks for how to raise awareness in your community check out The Myositis Association's Awareness Resource Guide.