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Global contest invited eczema patients and their caregivers to submit ideas for eczema research based on personal experience

Global Parents for Eczema Research and GlobalSkin - International Alliance of Dermatology Patient Organizations today announced the winners of the "Big Ideas for Eczema Challenge" contest that generated worldwide interest and received 70 submissions from 11 countries. The goal of the contest is to improve the understanding of eczema by harnessing patients' and caregivers' insights – and ultimately to accelerate the development of new treatments, management approaches, and prevention strategies.

The following three stand-out research ideas were chosen by a panel of experts as the winners of the 2022 Challenge:

  • First Prize: Using isolated hookworm protein to trigger a rebalancing of the immune system by Armando de la Libertad, parent of a child with eczema.
  • Second Prize: Preventing and counteracting exposure to pollutants that cause systemic oxidative damage and widespread inflammation in the skin by Nic Novak, adult, with eczema.
  • Third Prize: Photobiomodulation and "red light therapy" for eczema by Angela Tiru, parent of a child with eczema.

The international panel of 12 judges included physicians, researchers, patients, and caregivers who conducted a comprehensive review of the top ideas and chose the winners based on scoring criteria that assessed innovation and novelty, patient-centeredness, scientific merit, clarity, and quality of the idea.

 "The quality and novelty of the ideas submitted speak to the expertise and knowledge in the patient and caregiver community," said Korey Capozza, Executive Director of Global Parents for Eczema Research, a non-profit organization that co-hosted the contest. "Our Big Ideas Challenge proves that the wisdom of patients can lead the way to better solutions for people with eczema," she said.

We were pleased to partner on such a creative project and to share the opportunity with our global Atopic Eczema Community. Congratulations to the winners." said Jennifer Austin, Chief Executive Officer of the International Alliance of Dermatology Patient Organizations (also known as "GlobalSkin), a not-for-profit organization supporting dermatology patient organizations in over 60 countries.

For more information about the winners visit the Big Ideas Challenge website for details:

The global initiative is supported with funding from Sanofi Genzyme and Regeneron, Boehringer Ingelheim, and individual donors to Global Parents for Eczema Research.

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