Member Impact Fund - PELO


Promotion of Education Link Organization (PELO) is located in Tanzania and strives to support patients and families affected by Albinism. 

Impact Fund Project

Our organization had no visibility at all. Implementation of this project means our organization is going to be visible and the communities that we serve and the public will be getting the updates of our efforts. 

The fund has enabled us to construct two items, a website, and signage which is fixed on a movable stand, as well as the purchase of two items, a digital camera with its stand, as well as a projector with a projection screen. 


"We have sent many funding applications to different funding agencies in vein. As a staff responsible for financial management I am confident to say that having no website was a reason for getting no funding wherever we applied. I hope the support of Member Impact Fund has opened a new chapter of a fundraising strategy for our organization" - Mrs Beatrice Mallya, Finance and Operation Associate 


The Biggest Success of the Project in Our Patient Community

We have been organizing school visits to children with albinism; distributing gifts and identifying the emerging needs, but all these events were not able to get documented because of lacking a platform and tools for capturing the events. We thank the GlobalSkin team for this idea of supporting Members (the Fund), and since receiving funding, we have been able to document the events. The support has also enabled us to publicize the events and to our stakeholders who are now seeing them on the media.


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