Member Impact Fund - Društvo Atopijski Dermatitis


The Atopic Dermatitis Association (Društvo Atopijski dermatitis) is dedicated to supporting, helping, and sharing information to make life easier and better for everyone with AD and their loved ones.

Impact Fund Project

The GlobalSkin Member Impact Fund provided the opportunity for us to create a brand new digital awareness campaign. 

With this project we wanted to highlight different types of skin care on different body parts. With that, we especially wanted to point out the potential risks of using the wrong products and also make people aware of what seems like a "no big deal", but also affects their skin and makes their atopic eczema worse.

So for each body part (eyes, face, scalp, lips, hands, legs, body, palms,...) we pointed out the DO's and DONT's in cooperation with the dermatologist and based on people's experiences.

The Biggest Success of the Project in Our Patient Community

Changing the public's perspective is the biggest success of this project. We can all get caught up in all this information and different approaches, different challenges that atopic eczema brings, so our main goal was of course to help, to maybe make things a little bit clearer to really put together advice, that could be easily applied but could make a huge difference. And we definitely did that, but the side result was also, that sometimes things can be simple and helpful, to not forget our common sense and that really anything can be the trigger.

This fund is so important for us because it supports projects, that otherwise are not so interesting to companies, but are important for patients. And it is hard to get funds to see this through. We get a lot of questions regarding this type of dilemma, what to use on which parts of the body, what could be the extra triggers, what to do and so on. So not only did this project make people more aware and saved quite a few situations, but in the future, we can use this material when these types of questions occur. And they will!

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