Member Impact Fund - Eczema Support Australia


Eczema Support Australia's vision is for Australians living with eczema to overcome difficulties and thrive in their community through connection, advocacy and information.

Impact Fund Project

We have redesigned and developed a new website for Eczema Support Australia. The development of a new website had a crisp, clear, professional-looking online environment that maintains a balance of personal and inviting aesthetic tones, mixed with corporate appeal throughout. The purpose of this website is to engage with both our eczema community and our supporters. Our new website will build our capacity to provide real and practical support through our three guiding pillars of connection, information and advocacy.

We do not have the funding capacity, outside of individual projects to dedicate to a general project of a website redesign. This Member Impact Fund has indeed impacted our wider ability to deliver support to our eczema community and grow our reach.

The Biggest Success of the Project in Our Patient Community

Seeing our mission and vision come to life through a beautifully and carefully designed website is inspiring. The end result will be a long-term investment into building on the connection, information, and advocacy work to which Eczema Support Australia is committed to. 

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