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Topical Steroid Withdrawal Syndrome is about advocating, educating, raising awareness, and providing support for a global community living with Eczema and Topical Steroid Withdrawal Syndrome

Impact Fund Project

Our website is the first stop for information on TSW Syndrome for patients and their families. We had a lot of information about the disease but we didn't have a lot of resources or support materials available on the website. What was once just a few paragraphs is now 6 new pages of content on our"Resources" tab. Please see for yourself:

The Member Impact Fund is important to us at ITSAN because we couldn't do so much of what we have been able to do - your support is invaluable to our community.

The Biggest Success of the Project in Our Patient Community

The impact is seen when people who were unsure of the steps to take, or what good information is out there, or are feeling alone and confused -- now know where to find answers and support. We never medically advise, but we can point patients to good information, TSW-supportive doctors, and advice from experts. We have podcasts, videos, journal articles, blog posts, and connection points to our online community. The resources patients need are now easy to find and in one place. (On a personal note, I would have given anything to have had this resource 8 years ago!)

"I feel very grateful for all the information you have, if ITSAN did not exist I would never have known that my son is in TSW. Thank you very much for everything you are achieving in this community. Thanks so much" - Miurell M. López

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