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PSORVIET Information page of the Vietnam Psoriasis Association (A non-profit organization) on pathology, counseling, awareness raising, and Association activities.

Impact Fund Project

Vietnam Psoriasis Network (PSORVIET) (known as the first Patients Association in Vietnam). For the past ten years, the PSORVIET has connected thousands of people living with psoriasis and their family members and connected psoriasis patients to hundreds of Dermatologists around the country, to help them get the correct treatment.

PSORVIET is a pioneer and brings the voice of patients to authorities and the public. The message that is spread is that psoriasis patients are people, they have a right to live normal lives, they need to work and they need to receive support. 

In Vietnam, approximately two million people are living with psoriasis, a million living with vitiligo, a million with lupus, and millions of others are living with other dermatology diseases.

All of them have the same situation, no access to the right information, nowhere to go for treatment, and no connection to other patients. There are many misconceptions about “traditional medicine” (which is sold here without a controlled regulatory board) that sell their products to patients, and in turn, those patients lose money and see no difference in their disease (because it's not the correct treatment).

The Biggest Success of the Project in Our Patient Community

The biggest success was uniting the vitiligo, lupus, scleroderma, and eczema communities, and sharing information about PSORVIET and Vietnam Dermatology Society(VDS); Their vision and objectives, activities and work so far.

Opening day (face-to-face or online) was all about spreading information about associations, about GlobalSkin activities, and experiences from other patient associations around the world.

We invited Dermatologists from the National Hospital of Dermatology and Venereology to inform patients and answer their questions. They guided a group of patients to set up legal associations and encouraged them to apply as members of the Vietnam Dermatology Society and how to apply as GlobalSkin membership in future

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