Member Impact Fund - Allergy and Me


"Allergija i ja" is a national association for help and support for people with allergies, celiac disease and other autoimmune diseases with dietary restrictions. "Allergija i ja" is also the first patient association in Serbia that deals with issues of allergies, celiac disease and other diseases that require a special diet, providing direct help and support to patients, on issues of human and health rights.

Impact Fund Project

Our project "Look Under the Skin", due to the coronavirus pandemic, must focus all its activities on online activities. As part of the project "Look Under the Skin", our Association organized 6 webinars with its members. The webinars will be held once a month and aim to bring together patients and parents of patients with atopic dermatitis, to educate them, and strengthen them so that they can talk openly about their problems without shame and embarrassment.

The Biggest Success of the Project in Our Patient Community

The month prior to the campaign, we held a pilot - webinar project with our members and we were pleased with the number of participants and the distribution. Not only patients from our country (Serbia) were present, but also patients from Montenegro, Bosnia, Herzegovina, and Macedonia. There were a maximum of (100) participants during (1.5h) the entire webinar. This encouraged us and directed us to further plan online events with our members. In this way, we not only help them treat their symptoms of atopic eczema but also empower them to fight for their health rights.

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