GlobalSkin 2019 Conference Wrap Up

We were so pleased to see so many GlobalSkin Member Organizations in attendance at the GlobalSkin 2019 Conference and two pre-conference events, Atopic Eczema Forum and RareDERM Forum in Milan.   The week provided excellent opportunities for networking, learning, inspiration and sharing. 

The GlobalSkin Team would like to draw your attention to the following:

  1. We encourage you to visit the IADPO Flickr photo albums for photos from all events in Milan.
  2. As a GlobalSkin Member organization you may access plenary and workshop presentations from the GlobalSkin 2019 Conference, Atopic Eczema Forum and the RareDERM Forum using the following link.   Along with the slides you will find the delegate participant lists so that you can stay in touch with colleagues working in your disease area or region. 

We will continue to stay in touch via newsletter and on social media, stay tuned for videos, opportunities to connect and more!

Warm regards,
The GlobalSkin Team